Friday, July 31, 2009

One level closer to grandmaster PARTY!

I leveled up just now and had a party with my many pets but Simbah seamed more intrested in my wallpaper than my accomplishment.

A little wizard101 appreciation

Since I try to update this blog daily i try to come up with something to say. I decided that Wizard101 should be apreciated more. Since they work so hard to prevent bullying, make wizards have a good time in the amazing worlds, and put hard work in each of their goals. This is why I appreciate Wizard101. I also apoligize to my neglecting of grizzleheim, witch I think is a great world. The only resone I was angry is because I thought of wizards succeeding threw level 50.

-Allison DragonShard :D

Monster in the middle

I was in the war tower and one of the monsters didn't join so it was standing right in the middle in the circle it was really funny when the collosus ran over it. Little golem, big golem.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The furry fight to death

Hi its me Allison DragonShard, I was lately in Grizzleheim. Watching the the bears tussle near the game area in Grizzleheim. Its funny to watch every now and then, even funner to take pictures of it.

Grizzleheim was SO not what expected

When I heard Wizard101 was creating a new world. I thought it would be an extension of DragonSpyre. So level 50 players, could go past level 50, but it ended up being not such a fun place as I thought. Expect for the characters and animation I got to admit it was pretty awesome I was actually there today watching a bear fight.

:) PS: Grandmasters Rule!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Krokotopian house

This is my Krockotopian house, well my bedroom inside my house. The bedroom is the only thing I really decorated much. Even though i am adding new things to my house every day.

Level 42 how do I get out!

Yes, Grandmasters are awesome. Being level 42 not so awesome...
Level 42 is boring, besides the amazing moments of getting your level 42 card. First of all, leveling is so HARD when your level 42. Especially having NO friends that are willing to help. Defeating monsters that have at least 1,000 hp make it even harder. It makes me really think about the time I was in unicorn way. Fighting lost soles. Its just crazy monsters go from 65 hp to thousands!