Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One hairy sunbird

This is my third fight for the level 48 quest! Though i was fighting some hairy sunbirds all right!

The first shard of victory!

I finally got my level 48 quest! I am starting the quest in wizard city. where I defeat Prince Alicane Swiftarrow. I remember when I was in wizard city. He was the hardest boss i had fighted!

Here's a picture of the heroic fight to death!

The spider war

Spiders I got to say are really icky. At home i would always hate them in my room. It feels great i can kill them in the game!

A grandmasters secret

I thought to myself today:

"Ms.Dragonshard you made a blog about GRANDMASTERS and do i see much about GRANDMASTERS! No!"

So I am trying to get back to the subject.

I really want to get to level 48! More than anything! I mean who doesn't want to! So I was thinking how about TRYING to talk about THAT. I mean it was BRILLIANT! I mean what better idea is there? Level 48 is almost here! Only one more thousand of XP to go until *Drum Roll* I get the quest!

Capturing the Magic

I have been working on wizard101 films with my friends. It hasn't been going to well. First in the middle of one of my movies, some glitch happened. I poofed away to the commons?

Second! My friend had to get off when I started filming next show...

Third... I gave up show biz, for a few minutes. lol