Friday, May 28, 2010

Celestial Idea's

Ok, I am hopefully going to post a new series of posts called "celestial ideas".
You can leave a comment, with your idea for something in Celestia- or email .

Now, to get into the ideas.


Idea of the day

Submitted by: N/A
I think maybe there could be a underwater emote- like a swim emote? In celestia, you could swim around? It would be awesome if you could swim around in the water, with some sort of bubble around your head.
Maybe the NPC's could be some fish who are paddeling through the water as well. Though, in one concentrated area?

Good ideas, mr.n/a, lol.

Now to unrap this idea.

I think maybe there could be a underwater emote- like a swim emote? In celestia, you could swim around? It would be awesome if you could swim around in the water,

This would be plain- awesome. I love this idea... its like you're wizard is at a angle with her/his arms doing some kind of circling motion and moving swiftly across the water, thats some nice concept.
Though, the only thing I am worried about is realisticness. No, I dont mean breathing in a bubble is unrealistic when it comes to wizard101.

I am saying, that like every had the idea that you could fly high into the sky with a mount. Same problem here, you'd have to have more level of pixles. Though, if anyone can remember back to the old ToonTown days.
This was no problem. (Sadly I couldnt find a video for y'all xD, so thats coming up soon)

Next Part-
with some sort of bubble around your head.

I love this part as well, imagine your head stuffed inside a bubble, maybe you could customize this bubble? Maybe, they will have a choice of speed as your bubble becomes more powerful? You know, I am just throwing out more crazy idea's for the KI team xD.

Last part-
Maybe the NPC's could be some fish who are paddeling through the water as well. Though, in one concentrated area?

Yes, this seams actually reasonable. Everyone knows a NPC has a small motion-
Just look at the way Merle moves his hand, and how gamma's cap flips a little sideways.

Enjoy! Remember, either email me. Or reply in the comments!

(Also, G-rated stuff please ;) and keep the content in english)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gold, gold and more gold!

Ok, today we will be going around the spiral to find the richest monsters, bosses and NPC's, (non-player-characters).

The ones that you can defeat and come out with 20,000 gold. Or maybe, they are rich in another away?

Well, this little guy sure is rich, the gold way. (I was helping a little Level 5 today) and I made sure to say a few things I want to call "oldtaunts". Since I had to use Menu Chat with them because they didnt have Text Chat. I really wanted to go back to the old Taunt section and bring out a few "special delivery!" s.

If you look back to the picture above he kind of game away some of his gold in mercy. Actually, we became pretty good friends- he and I started to do the wizard dance if you've noticed. (I also made him that crown :) )

Next up we have WormGuts, nice name huh? *shivers*

It brings back the good old days, the todays. I just recently (right now) made a guide on how to defeat wormguts.

You're probally asking yourself right now. "How does Wormguts have to do with gold and richness?"

Well, thing is. He doesnt, I wanted to show you the opposite of gold and riches. He is probally the most poor monster in the game...

Ok now, we are going to take a small trip to Krockotopia- where the Manders live :)

Ill be challenging the Nebit Ninri- or should I say. The Bling Bling Ninri look at those golden wrings!

Just to finish this post up, I want you to see. A teacher? A teacher? The krockitillian teacher, the balance teacher. The... the, Alkharzred!

Is he rich? Lets see!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Celestial Unicorns!

Charlies origians are stuck in a meadow, with his "friends" the sun and moon unicorns, (thats what I am calling them for now).

He moved to the Spiral to escape them, and it seams... they followed him.
He just defeated Lady Blackhope when a faded image of two unicorns wearing beards appeared before him. He screamed and ran out the door, when he went to consult Merle, he was gone for lunch.

He went to his teacher Dyworgyn for help, Charlie copyed it down word by word.

"thy this be your greatest challenge Charles. These ones are the hardest, evilist, most annoying in the world. They will be sneaky charlie, gotta be sneaky Charlie. They will try to confuse your brain into thinking your the bananah king, they will hunt you down to Candy mountain! They will summon the door to steal your ssssssssssooooooolleeee." After that, Charlie ran out the door never to take his advice again.

Stay tuned, and I need your advice. Leave it in the comments:
-A video of what happens
-A series of screenshots of what happens
-or just a story

Whos Charlie?

Ok, so as you might of sean from previous posts (look down) Charlie is my new friend. He actually came from the idea Friendly's post gave me. When friendly posted about his new character "flint stone".

I went on to youtube and searched for... if you havent seen it. Charlie the Unicorn- which became Charles Unicorn, level 5 necromancer.

Charlie escaped them when he came to the Spiral, but sometimes he seams to hear their presence... He tells me it sounds something like "Charlie..... We'll see you in CELESTIA, mwahahaha."

The weird thing is, Charlies buddies are the colors just of that. Blue and Pink, or Sky and Sun? Maybe Charlie should be worried, you never know.

Want to find out about Charlies greatest challenge, stay tuned!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Charlie The Unicorn VS his minions!

Ok, time to rattle-it-up.

Charlie, my new character. Just battled it up with his minions, he accidentally summoned them yesterday...

Thing is, skeletons don't like being kicked out of the fun. So, they tried to pursue Charlie into making them stay. Lets just say, no luck.

Charlie growled furiously at his minion, and engaged in a fight. Rattlebones- being a evil cheater. Summoned his own minion, and Charlie called him "all teeth, no brain" thus became this.

He won of coarse, and he managed to take a little piece of his minion with him. Rattlebone's prized hat, though Charlie forgets what its called.