Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Whos Charlie?

Ok, so as you might of sean from previous posts (look down) Charlie is my new friend. He actually came from the idea Friendly's post gave me. When friendly posted about his new character "flint stone".

I went on to youtube and searched for... if you havent seen it. Charlie the Unicorn- which became Charles Unicorn, level 5 necromancer.

Charlie escaped them when he came to the Spiral, but sometimes he seams to hear their presence... He tells me it sounds something like "Charlie..... We'll see you in CELESTIA, mwahahaha."

The weird thing is, Charlies buddies are the colors just of that. Blue and Pink, or Sky and Sun? Maybe Charlie should be worried, you never know.

Want to find out about Charlies greatest challenge, stay tuned!