Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Celestial Unicorns!

Charlies origians are stuck in a meadow, with his "friends" the sun and moon unicorns, (thats what I am calling them for now).

He moved to the Spiral to escape them, and it seams... they followed him.
He just defeated Lady Blackhope when a faded image of two unicorns wearing beards appeared before him. He screamed and ran out the door, when he went to consult Merle, he was gone for lunch.

He went to his teacher Dyworgyn for help, Charlie copyed it down word by word.

"thy this be your greatest challenge Charles. These ones are the hardest, evilist, most annoying in the world. They will be sneaky charlie, gotta be sneaky Charlie. They will try to confuse your brain into thinking your the bananah king, they will hunt you down to Candy mountain! They will summon the door to steal your ssssssssssooooooolleeee." After that, Charlie ran out the door never to take his advice again.

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