Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best School Hideout of the week!

I had an idea. I will find a really cool school hide out. Then edit it so no "Extra Material" Is showing. Then put it up! Heh, heh, quite simple. Though fun! Also, if you found a cool hideout that you think is for your school, leave it in the comments!

Pyromancer Hideout of the week!

Gaming Demand is off the hook!

Qouted From Wikipidia:

Modern games are among the most demanding of applications on PC resources. Many of the high powered personal computers are purchased by gamers who want the fastest equipment to power the latest cutting-edge games.

You see how much people like games? I did even more research and found something about wizard101 in there.

Wow, huge chunk of I allready know that

Qouted from wikipidia (this just hard to spell)
Wizard101 is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by KingsIsle Entertainment. Players take on the role of students in a fantasy academy for wizards, and battle a variety of creatures by casting spells using a turn-based combat system similar to collectible card games. Players advance in the game by accepting quests to learn new spells, gain equipment, and collect gold. The game holds a rating of "Everyone 10+" from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board for crude humor and mild fantasy violence Although designed for pre-teens, the game appeals to younger kids and adults as well.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fighting a mander?

Poor thing. Guess I have always been fond of the squishy gecko like fellows. I am still on the Krock side quests, so I have to do this. Breath in and out...

Look up for pictures :)

The GrandmasterFiles Contest!

This is the time... For...
"For the many who dont have much to do, the sickness of the deadly...
being bored"

Thanks to a contribute from Allison DayGem, a level 43 life wizard. One of my best wizard friends. She gave me the idea of a crazy clothes contest.

Since, at school. She wears a hat with long red and yellow stripes. As long as herself. Its CRAZY. So, using your wizard101 character. I would like you to put on the most CRAZY outfit possible.

If you would like to perticipate, I will be posting dates and times later. Also, which realm.

Happy Dueling!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

YES! Level 49! You better watch out Grandmaster, Allison is on a roll!

We start this tale at level 48...
Allison, went with the Krock Quests. What a long idea.
Heres the timeline... Cause, I know, everyone loves pictures!

Quest 1

Qeust 2 (took even longer)and

Quest 3

Level 49!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Buying myself?

I was skimming through the new updated Crowns Catalog. For some reason I stumbled along the henchman. Realized... this?
I am SO worth more than that?!?!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rank 8? Level 48 myth spell?

I was teleporting around trying to find a easy way to Dragonspyre.

I teleported to my friend and came along, Karuvian Scargiver.

If you are atleast level 46 I think the level is, (probally not) you've met him.

He' is a rank 8 minatour. Though, I thought it was a little out of his range to cast earthquake? I mean we fought Jade Oni in Mooshu who didnt even cast a satyre and he is rank 10. Though I probally shouldnt compare a life guy, because they lower the healing spells. Or they would be invincible.

Here is a picture of the crime. Well, atleast it was too me. I will do more research on this later :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Wizard101 Commercial

If you havent noticed, there is a new commericial for wizard101.
It talks most about the mounts, little bout grizzlehiem. Though the newest thing is the school based houses!!!!!!!! (as seen in the post below)

Check Here Out To See The Video

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis the season to be buying!

As seen in this months ravenwood newsletter.

Each year, Felix Navidad arrives in the Wizard City Shopping District bringing with him lots of fun outfits and wands for sale. Decorations appear in the Commons and a celebratory sparkle is in the air. This year, young Wizards can gift items to each other, using our Gift Giving Feature. To learn more about this Gift Giving feature, see below! Enjoy this festive time of year, young Wizards!

I know I want to go out and spend all my months earned money on crowns right around know. Though I am saving it all for the newest addission!

School Houses Rock!
Theurgists, Sorcerers, Conjurers, Pyromancers, Necromancers, Thaumaturges, and Diviners rejoice! New School Themed Housing will arrive in the Spiral this month!
Whether you want a chilly Ice school themed house,
or you've always wanted a Haunted House of your own.

It also included that the new houses will cost 10,000 in crowns. 100,000 in gold. Also, thanks to friendly and my wizard101 for the info on the new newsletter. I always like to get the new ravenwood updates :).