Friday, April 30, 2010

Pet update series (part 1) Pet Derby

Hey everyone, now that the new pet update is out in the test realm. I will be doing a series of videos to show you whats to learn about it.

Since, it has its falters and good points. Why not identify them?
Here is part 1, or the pet derby:

Though, while the video loads- you can take a moment and comment about what you think of the pet derby. Really- what is your opinion?
Great, 59% loaded..

Well, just to tell everyone. Make sure to have a teen+ pet equipped to enter the pet derby. Unlike the hatchery where it scans for an adult+ pet.

Now to head to YouTube---
12%... yea, I don't come very prepared when it comes to videos.
While we (I) wait. I recommend going on the Test Realm itself. Who knows when it will close and head to the live realm? Where you don't have unlimited crowns!

Its time... for part 1!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

An amazing pet update or... a incredible waste of crowns?

Well, as everyone knows. The new pet update is very, very fun.
Though, one thing that bugs me is that you must pay CROWNS, to refill your pet mana. (power) I mean really?

Pay 200 or so crowns to play minigames- after a while that piles up.
Second, with having to pay crowns for "cool new pets in the crowns shop" is not cool.
I mean, everyone wants a freddy nine lives. Though, its not easy to whip up 1,000 cronws+petmana.

Then, lets head over to the hatching.
To hatch an ancient costs- tons of gold. Mine came up to 80,000. The normal player doesnt have that much gold.

So where do they go? The crowns store, buy them up a bunch crowns. And Pay, pay, pay.

I LOVE KI's ideas and they are a great team. Though, I feel that more things should be free. Not crowns based.
Do you agree?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wizard101 Eddited Bannner

I was just in Gimp today very bored.
So, I guess with my level of randomness I came up with this "masterpeice"
Heh, heh.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wizard101's Yellow Brick Road!

As we all know, the classic tale of Dorthy.
While she adventures with her friends, and her dog Toto. To save Oz, and defeat the wicked witch!

Now lets take a little walk with my new character Charlie Unicorn. (I will post about him later on) down the yellow brick road.

Lalalalalalala, down the yellow brick road!

It looks like Dorthy has a quest for us, haha jolly good. Aww, sometimes we miss Auntie Em as well. Like our little protector, from chickens and geese. The one who will shoo away the hens when you've got the chicken pox. The one... well I could go on all day about our Auntie Em's though lets get on with the story.

In the Wizard101 Wizard Of Oz, Dorthy is worried about her new home in the spiral. She thinks the ghosts might of gotten her best friends, Mr.Toto (a dog) and the Tin Man (clockwork)

Well, now that or story is over. We may as well sing,

"Follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road!"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Green firecat question WINNER!

First, thanks to Proffesor Greyrose, for answering and cleaning up the confusion about the question so I could pick the answer.

Second, thanks to Allison Dragonshard for taking the pictures for comparison...

Third, thanks to the 4 that participated, lol.
This is not a very popular blog, so its an honor.

And the winner is....
Peter's Blog!
Congratz, and I hope you like your customized character!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Light green fire cat contest

A quick question to put out there, see if you can answer.
Dont worry- there is a prize!

The question: Why are firecats labeled green when you buy one in wizard city?

Reply in the comments!
The Prize: A customized wizard!


so sign up!
Also, please give me some way to contact you :) (no twitter, facebook or myspace please)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wizard101 Mini-Game Showdown

This is gonna be tons of fun...

So, today I am going to show a little Ravenwood Spirit and showdown the mini-games. As you know, their are tons. From Dueling Diego, to... the old Choo-Choo Zoo.

As for my favorite its got to be Skull Riders, its a bit laggy, but? Who cares! I whipped myself up to level 7 I believe and then a skeleton hit me at the last second. Aww, as goofy says...


Now were gonna head over to the stables and get our YEEHAW on, lol. Lets kick on over to dueling diego.

Ok, I found one thing out, I am really bad at dueling diego.

/gobbler hits me in the stomach.

Ouch! Hey, c'mon I am not that bad. So, how often do you get to play the mini-game Shock-A-Lock? Not very often. I find it quite easy, but thats because I somehow get it a lot. Ok, since I cant find that game anywhere today. I am going to show you a new mini-game you can play with your friends.

1) You need a simple dorm room

2)You need some random furniture

3) spread it apart

4)Make one object the "victim"

5) One object the "Puzzler" (MUST BE THE DORM OWNER)

6)1 wizard will stand inside the "puzzler"

7) 1 or 2 other wizards will go in the other objects.

8)Finally you choose your victim and they stand in the "victim" object

9) The victim closes their eyes, and opens them. The victim is unaware who is the Puzzler.

10) Each turn, the Puzzler must stay in the same object or object's, only switching location to trick the victim.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wizard101 Global Warming

To help me today is my twin, Allison Dragonshard. Sister to Allison DragonCoin :), /lol.

We will be exploring the skies of Wizard101 around the spiral, because if anyone has noticed.

I find them slightly poluted... *spooky music*
Is there a reason for this!

/cough /cough

marleybone factories stink

/cough /cough

Ok, so as we all know, polution comes from factories, Smoke, green gas, (I call it that). With all this new, pet creation buissness. Isnt that morn Kitty Cat Factories? We dont want to see more meowiarity run polution stations. (have you seen the gas coming from them!?!?!)

Well, today Allison is going to take off her awesome fancy gear, and get to work in her shreds for global warming.

(Badly cut I know, I usually do much better work, though I was rushing)
/puts back on awesome robes

Much better, I guess trees in wizard101 grow faster then ones in real life, (thats the part when you, lol)

Well hug a tree, and the race for the spirals existance rages on! Make sure to pet your little treants today, and take um' for a spin.

Happy Easter!

Zoom-in in on the Robes

Today I am gonna let my brain wiz a little.

I recently (maybe a year or so, but I was being a hothead and not posting) discovered, about the symbols of clothing in Wizard101.

Today we are going to follow a much younger wizard on a journey of symbols.(you might see her in the background or you know her if you read this)

Oh! Found her, oh nauty DragonCoin. Going through Malistares old stuff to find death symbols...

Though I think she found something more interesting...

Lets lookie over back to the Commons, where Allison managed to discover that Ms.Death-Tuff-Myth girl is a prospector Zeke fan, aww symbols lead you everywhere.

Wow, that was a lot of pictures Allison. Lets retrace our steps a bit and think, there is symbols of schools everywhere. Though, when are you so fortunate to find Celestial wardrobe. Well, let me tell you a secret. (I JUST DISCOVERED ALLISON IS)

Let me take one last pic for everyone,

That sure some sun, moon, and stars right there.

Anyway, cya on later.

And make sure to comments :)