Thursday, April 29, 2010

An amazing pet update or... a incredible waste of crowns?

Well, as everyone knows. The new pet update is very, very fun.
Though, one thing that bugs me is that you must pay CROWNS, to refill your pet mana. (power) I mean really?

Pay 200 or so crowns to play minigames- after a while that piles up.
Second, with having to pay crowns for "cool new pets in the crowns shop" is not cool.
I mean, everyone wants a freddy nine lives. Though, its not easy to whip up 1,000 cronws+petmana.

Then, lets head over to the hatching.
To hatch an ancient costs- tons of gold. Mine came up to 80,000. The normal player doesnt have that much gold.

So where do they go? The crowns store, buy them up a bunch crowns. And Pay, pay, pay.

I LOVE KI's ideas and they are a great team. Though, I feel that more things should be free. Not crowns based.
Do you agree?