Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wizard101's Yellow Brick Road!

As we all know, the classic tale of Dorthy.
While she adventures with her friends, and her dog Toto. To save Oz, and defeat the wicked witch!

Now lets take a little walk with my new character Charlie Unicorn. (I will post about him later on) down the yellow brick road.

Lalalalalalala, down the yellow brick road!

It looks like Dorthy has a quest for us, haha jolly good. Aww, sometimes we miss Auntie Em as well. Like our little protector, from chickens and geese. The one who will shoo away the hens when you've got the chicken pox. The one... well I could go on all day about our Auntie Em's though lets get on with the story.

In the Wizard101 Wizard Of Oz, Dorthy is worried about her new home in the spiral. She thinks the ghosts might of gotten her best friends, Mr.Toto (a dog) and the Tin Man (clockwork)

Well, now that or story is over. We may as well sing,

"Follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road!"