Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wizard101 Mini-Game Showdown

This is gonna be tons of fun...

So, today I am going to show a little Ravenwood Spirit and showdown the mini-games. As you know, their are tons. From Dueling Diego, to... the old Choo-Choo Zoo.

As for my favorite its got to be Skull Riders, its a bit laggy, but? Who cares! I whipped myself up to level 7 I believe and then a skeleton hit me at the last second. Aww, as goofy says...


Now were gonna head over to the stables and get our YEEHAW on, lol. Lets kick on over to dueling diego.

Ok, I found one thing out, I am really bad at dueling diego.

/gobbler hits me in the stomach.

Ouch! Hey, c'mon I am not that bad. So, how often do you get to play the mini-game Shock-A-Lock? Not very often. I find it quite easy, but thats because I somehow get it a lot. Ok, since I cant find that game anywhere today. I am going to show you a new mini-game you can play with your friends.

1) You need a simple dorm room

2)You need some random furniture

3) spread it apart

4)Make one object the "victim"

5) One object the "Puzzler" (MUST BE THE DORM OWNER)

6)1 wizard will stand inside the "puzzler"

7) 1 or 2 other wizards will go in the other objects.

8)Finally you choose your victim and they stand in the "victim" object

9) The victim closes their eyes, and opens them. The victim is unaware who is the Puzzler.

10) Each turn, the Puzzler must stay in the same object or object's, only switching location to trick the victim.