Friday, April 30, 2010

Pet update series (part 1) Pet Derby

Hey everyone, now that the new pet update is out in the test realm. I will be doing a series of videos to show you whats to learn about it.

Since, it has its falters and good points. Why not identify them?
Here is part 1, or the pet derby:

Though, while the video loads- you can take a moment and comment about what you think of the pet derby. Really- what is your opinion?
Great, 59% loaded..

Well, just to tell everyone. Make sure to have a teen+ pet equipped to enter the pet derby. Unlike the hatchery where it scans for an adult+ pet.

Now to head to YouTube---
12%... yea, I don't come very prepared when it comes to videos.
While we (I) wait. I recommend going on the Test Realm itself. Who knows when it will close and head to the live realm? Where you don't have unlimited crowns!

Its time... for part 1!