Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wizard101 Global Warming

To help me today is my twin, Allison Dragonshard. Sister to Allison DragonCoin :), /lol.

We will be exploring the skies of Wizard101 around the spiral, because if anyone has noticed.

I find them slightly poluted... *spooky music*
Is there a reason for this!

/cough /cough

marleybone factories stink

/cough /cough

Ok, so as we all know, polution comes from factories, Smoke, green gas, (I call it that). With all this new, pet creation buissness. Isnt that morn Kitty Cat Factories? We dont want to see more meowiarity run polution stations. (have you seen the gas coming from them!?!?!)

Well, today Allison is going to take off her awesome fancy gear, and get to work in her shreds for global warming.

(Badly cut I know, I usually do much better work, though I was rushing)
/puts back on awesome robes

Much better, I guess trees in wizard101 grow faster then ones in real life, (thats the part when you, lol)

Well hug a tree, and the race for the spirals existance rages on! Make sure to pet your little treants today, and take um' for a spin.

Happy Easter!