Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meet Allison Dragon Coin

My secondbest wizard wanted to introduce herself.

"Hi, my sister Allison Dragonshard is off trying to get to grand. So she couldnt be here today." She told us.

I wanted to ask her some questions:
Q: So? What is your favorite school of Magic?

A: Its got too be Balance, for that is my main school anyway. Storms my second favorite, and third is fire.

Q: What world is your favorite world?

A: Well, from the things my sister told me. Its got to be Mooshu, she brought me there on summer vacation. We had a blast, though she just couldnt defeat that... never mind.

Q: So? What do you like doing when your not questing?

A: Its got too be talking. Talking, talking. Though, I got too say farming the kracken is the best-

Q: Can you show us some screenshots of you questing?

A: Ofcoarse! :)


Q: Can we go live?

A: Uh oh, ok.