Monday, March 8, 2010

The many pets of allison dragonshard +video

Since uploading a video onto here takes a about an hour and a half, /virtual laugh. I guess i'll just have to wait it off.

To wait it out I'll do a little miner segment along with it.
I have an assignment due anyway... yikes
Pets around the spiral
Open Responce
Well as timid as pets around wizard city might be. You never really know what their feeling-
As cute as the little piggle
As fast and curious as a booming danger hound.
I recently started keeping track of different animals around the few spiral worlds. I tracked the: piggle, mander, ninja pig, and I found one most interesting one creeping around. I was around when I saw one of the Ravenwood news reporters standing for a photo shoot with a few pets and I got a little inspiration.
I found a little crabby fellow roaming around the spiral door. I dicided out of curiosity to follow the little guy. As he emerged through the spiral door I jumped back and found him now carrying a banner, celestia, it was labeled.
I found the piggle chewing up a few rotten candy apples from Halloween and then- I crept around the corner to find the ninja pig gettting chased by a few shop owners... who seamed to have lost a few windows.
As my research has shown, a cute little chubby piggle.
A pesky ninja pig.
A curious little crab.
A+ on me. /hehe