Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gold, gold and more gold!

Ok, today we will be going around the spiral to find the richest monsters, bosses and NPC's, (non-player-characters).

The ones that you can defeat and come out with 20,000 gold. Or maybe, they are rich in another away?

Well, this little guy sure is rich, the gold way. (I was helping a little Level 5 today) and I made sure to say a few things I want to call "oldtaunts". Since I had to use Menu Chat with them because they didnt have Text Chat. I really wanted to go back to the old Taunt section and bring out a few "special delivery!" s.

If you look back to the picture above he kind of game away some of his gold in mercy. Actually, we became pretty good friends- he and I started to do the wizard dance if you've noticed. (I also made him that crown :) )

Next up we have WormGuts, nice name huh? *shivers*

It brings back the good old days, the todays. I just recently (right now) made a guide on how to defeat wormguts.

You're probally asking yourself right now. "How does Wormguts have to do with gold and richness?"

Well, thing is. He doesnt, I wanted to show you the opposite of gold and riches. He is probally the most poor monster in the game...

Ok now, we are going to take a small trip to Krockotopia- where the Manders live :)

Ill be challenging the Nebit Ninri- or should I say. The Bling Bling Ninri look at those golden wrings!

Just to finish this post up, I want you to see. A teacher? A teacher? The krockitillian teacher, the balance teacher. The... the, Alkharzred!

Is he rich? Lets see!