Sunday, November 15, 2009

Looking over the edge~

Looking over the edge of life,

is like looking over the edge of Dragonspyre.

I know how I used to play a pokemon game, I could of cried every minute.

Its all about what happens, not the action. It has such a touching storyline. So as wizard101. Though I bet it would really make a good change, if they added a very nice storyline as well. For there new world.


Like Celestica has a queen, lets say that.

(queen) She was the only thing we had.

All that stuff. Or a character that betrades you. Or a good friend, goes. Has to change something, like one of those:
"I have to do this... Goodbye."

Ya those are nice, lol.

Heres a picture, as my teacher calls it a visual. What made me think all this,