Friday, January 15, 2010

Amazing Partying, Fire Elves VS Snowman VS Humans! And More!

Test Realm fun just started, down at stormdrain tower I met a couple of friends, we stirred up a little game. With a long tittle. Let me see if I can spell it...
Fire Elves VS Evil Snowman VS Humans/Wizards VS Krocks VS clocktowers VS Anything!
The rules were simple:
Chant "BIT" next to a snowman human krock ext. That you are not currently transformed as. That victim will transform into the monster you are at the moment. Eventually ruling out one monstoroues victory!

I got a few pics... wow the fun this was...
This was my first fire elf attempt
Then heres my little snoman attack clan. Look at the text box, lol.